Welcome to KUM®


Making Cosmetic Sharpeners Since 1919.

KUM® is a manufacturer of high-quality cosmetic pencil sharpeners that was established in Germany in 1919 as a traditional family-owned company. With headquarters and a central plant in Erlangen, Germany.

KUM® expanded its operations to Ireland in 1998, establishing a branch plant to meet the growing demand for its cosmetic sharpeners, make-up brushes, and other beauty products.

Our History

In 1919, Fritz Mußgueller and Adam Kleber founded the company KUM. After the death of Fritz Mußgueller, his son-in-law Dr. Werner Lüttgens took over the company. The company is still family-owned and is now managed by Dr. Fritz Lüttgens.


 is derived from “Kunststoff und Metal,” which is German for “plastic and metal,” reflecting the primary materials used in the manufacturing of its products.

From sharpener to brush

While KUM only produced sharpeners in the early years, many other categories of stationery, artist, and cosmetic needs were added over the years. The KUM range now includes pencil sharpeners, school paint brushes, artist paint brushes, drawing implements, writing aids, erasers, writing implements, color paint boxes and much more.

Why Choose KUM

Commitment to Quality:

We are dedicated to delivering products of the highest quality, ensuring durability, precision, and performance. Our cosmetic sharpeners and beauty tools are crafted with attention to detail and designed to meet the unique needs of the cosmetic industry, giving you exceptional results.

Innovation and Creativity:

KUM® is committed to innovation and creativity, constantly striving to develop cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the beauty industry. Our beauty tools are designed with the latest trends and techniques in mind, helping you stay ahead in the ever-changing world of beauty.

Trusted by Major Cosmetic Companies:

Our products are trusted and used by major cosmetic companies worldwide, attesting to the quality and reliability of KUM® beauty tools. When you choose KUM®, you are choosing a brand that is endorsed by industry professionals and recognized for its excellence.

Eco Friendly

We are committed to sustainability and protecting the environment. Our sharpeners are made from renewable resources, they can be composted and will naturally break down over time, leaving no harmful residue in the environment.